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OVT Training at 10% Body Fat


I'm begining the OVT program this monday. My question is I'm already 10% body fat, do I need to actually do the Fat-Fast Diet at my current body weight?

My concern is not having the fat stores to actually provide enough energy when I start the diet.

Any recommendation would be much appreciated.


More information would be needed to give an accurate assesment, like your starting weight, goals, years of training, etc.

In general though, OVT is a program that is very demanding and would require a solid caloric surplus. Thank get big, not get lean. CT, when he used it in his mutation series, did not do the total volume prescribed. WAY TOO MUCH on a cutting phase, especially with a diet like Fat Fast.

My recommendations would be the following:

If cutting - look into some of the other programs on this site, like CW's 10x3 for fat loss, or CT's Fat Loss and training (look under the authors). Also, consider a the Velocity DIet or T-Dawg diet, or Beradi's dont diet. At 10% you do not need aggresive ketogenic strategies like fat fast.

If bulking - look into the Massive eating series. OVT is a great program for adding weight IF your calories are high.

Good Luck.


Thanks for the great info. The goal is to actually lean muscle mass, and eventually bridge into a cutting phase later in the program.

Here are my current stats.

Weight: 173lbs
Height: 5'8
Training Experience: 4 years on and off. Mainly powerlifting, squats, and deads.

Current Max'

Dead: 345
Squat: 315
Bench: 265
Front Squat: 235

Increase weight to 185lbs
Decrease body fat% from 10-7%
Increase strength
Develop better physique symmentry

I will start this program monday. I will also begin with this supplement regime monday also.

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19
HOT-ROX (Last 4-6 weeks)

The main problem is I'm still on the fence on what diet to use. I would like to stay lean, so I really don't want to get on the "Massive Eating series diet", and I really don't need a huge fat-loss diet too. Especially if I only want to drop 3-4% in body fat.

I will look into the Velocity or T-Dawg diet. And see if any of those would be better.

Any more recommendations would be welcomed!


On the fence is the key word. Exactly how long are you looking to do this program. If your talking about several months to a year then I would say do a somewhat slow bulk, slightly increase your calories every week.Once you feel that your at the weight you wanna be at,start decreasing your calories.

The thing is that your talking about gaining 12 pounds and losing 3% body fat pretty much at the same time. Unless your a complete newbie and by your post I assume your not then I wouldn't think the T-Dawg is gonna put on much weight at all.