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OVT too much?

I just started using OVT and I really enjoy it. But I find that after my first 2 sets my strength drops dramatically. Are there some cases where 100 reps is just too much work for a particular body part? I need to know if there is any room for customization while still realizing the mass-gaining benefits of OVT.

I really notice this with my chest & quads.



could you go into more detail? actual numbers would be a big help. also, how’s your diet?

You’re dying out after two sets of how many reps?

You should pace yourself and go to failure only on the last few sets. Also, are you using too heavy of a weight?

As an example, I’ll use a weight I can do 15 times shoot for ten sets of ten.

What week are you in? It’s suggested to only do the program for four weeks.

You should be doing the following:

Week 1 - 3 supersets
Week 2 - 4 supersets
Week 3 - 5 supersets
Week 4 - 3 supersets

Different muscles have different percentages of fast (low endurance) twitch and slow (high endurance) twitch fibers. Obviously those with a greater percentage of fast twitch fibers will fatigue much quicker and performance will drop off. Those with a larger percentage of slow twitch fibers will be more likely to maintain performance, before critical drop off is reached.

Where is your strength dropping off? In the heavy compound work or the following isolation exercise?

This is a good example of where one can learn a great deal about their body and how certain muscle groups respond differently to different stimuli.

You may find that your quads and chest respond more favourably to heavy weight, low rep, low TUT training when compared to your other bodyparts.

Which week are you on? Did you start out at 5 x 5 or did you work up to it as recommended?

Another question

Are you using the same weight for all 5x5 on the compound movement or are you increasing the weight as the sets pass?

CT recommended increasing weight until you hit your peak weight at set 3 or 4 if I remember correctly.

Thanks guys,
I’ve made several mistakes in my application of OVT.

1.I started out in week 1 with 5 supersets.
2.I maxed out well before my last set superset.

Next week I’ll use 4 supersets & see if I have better results.