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OVT Tips

Hey guys, This is a question for Thib or anyone else out there who has successfully completed OVT. Was there any tricks, adjustments any of you made during the program? As far as cardio goes, what type and when did you do it? Also, any abs in the program? Thanks guys.

Read the CT’s Running Man article (http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/251run2.html) and pick one of those programs for cardio. I did the interval training twice a week (on off days).

Abs are scheduled to be done with Legs on Day 2. You can pick any ab workout. They are not part of the same 5/5 OVT type workout. I just did 3 x 10 for weighted crunches and leg raises. CT wrote an article on a possible ab workout linked in the OVT article (http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/body_232ab.html)
The only other thing I found out is that I had to go really light on some of the supersets, like 15%-25% of my 1RM.


This is my fourth week and I’m having a hard time adding more weight each week. CT said it will “make or break” the program so we will see. I have to back off on the big exercises of each superset quite a bit after each set. I guess I’m not too sure how effective it has been but I’m going to finish the whole 8 weeks.