OVT Recomendations

Hey Everyone,

After doing Waterbury tbt programs for the past 3 months I figured I’d switch things up and go with OVT for about 4 weeks. Does anyone have any advice about this program? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Eat alot. I know that should go without saying, but I want to stress the importance of that. I was sore non stop throughout this program. I gained about 7lbs during a 4 week cycle of OVT. My bench didn’t go up too much, but I put a good bit on my squat.

I blew up on OVT, I used it for 10 weeks and ate a shit load. This is when I saw enormous gains in my 35lb gain in my 5rm for DB bench and 30 on DB row. Great program, good luck.

Did you guys toy around any with the exercise recommendations or did you just keep doing the same lifts for the entire programs?

I did the program as written by the expert.

I plan to start OVT on Monday. What did you guys do about your diet? It looks like CT lowered his Carb intake throughout… did you guys do the same?