OVT Questions

Hi, just a few questions id like answering about OVT before i begin it.

  1. im cutting, ok to do this on a cut?

  2. is A1 supersetted with A2? or is A1 supersetted with B1? and just to clear up my ambiguity, that if i am right in thinking this then i will only be supersetting 2 exercises at the most?

  3. is 201 2 seconds lowering the bar (assuming bicep curl) 0 seconds at the bottom and 1 second back up?

  4. lets say if i could deadlift 160kg for 5 reps. are you expecting me to deadlift 160kg for 5 reps 5 times while super setting it with other exercises? or to drop it down to 140kg to begin with and see how i do?

  5. you mentioned i should be expecting to make gains on my major exercises i.e deadlifts, does that mean i should force an extra 5kg on the lift after each week?

  6. what about warming up? are you expecting me to deadlift 140 or 160kg straight from a loaded bar, or can i work up to it. Or do i work up to it then do the regieme? Or is it 5v5 warming up to it. for example. 60kg dl (superset) 100kg dl (superset) 140kg gl (superset 140kg dl (superset) 140kg dl (superset).

  7. will i look like vin diesel at the end of the program?

thanks for any help.

  1. No. You’ll shrink your muscles as well.

  2. A1 is supersetted by A2.

  3. Yes.

  4. Start with 140 to potentiate your CNS. You might be able to go beyond 160.

  5. Not necessarily. OVT is a mass gainer program, not for strength.

  6. Start with a heavy weight to make it hard but light enough to potentiate and not fatigue.

  7. No.

thanks for clearing that up for me man. sucks that i’ll have to wait till easter tho :[