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OVT Question

Hi All,

I have an OVT question,

During the Beast Evolves, CT did the OVT by doing 3 supersets at the 1st week, followed by 4 and then 5 and back to 3.

For eg.

Week 1 - 3 supersets
Week 2 - 4 supersets
Week 3 - 5 supersets
Week 4 - 3 supersets

How important is it that I follow these or should I just do 5 supersets throughout the 4 weeks? (By the way, I plan to use Cy’s steroid dieting by stacking MAG-10 n Winny tabs). therefore I thought the AAS could help out with the work volume and low calorie diet.

Thanks in advanced!


When I did OVT, I thought like you…fuck it I’ll just do all five sets from the get go. By week four, I experienced good gains but was overtrained. I was natural, though,and I think thats how CT intended it when he suggested the 3,4,5,3 method. If you feel the AAS is going to increase your recovery ability, and I’m sure it will, I’d do all five sets right off the bat. It’s a great program, good luck walking after the lower body training day!

I’m pretty sure CT threw that volume change in there for a reason; the change provides a better stimulus for both the body and your CNS.

Thks for the input guys…

I was thinking of doing 5 supersets throughout and making sure I increase load every week.

Is this better or should I just stick to the 3,4,5,3 protocol?


Plus when CT did it he was starting out with a extremely low carb diet. Tons of volume and the no carb shock would have been a lot for his system to handle