OVT Question

So here’s my deal, I am about to close out the 43 days of ABBH I (alright, so it took me 45 days) and I’m interested in following this up with OVT. The problem is that due to my work schedule and family obligations, I want to go at it every other day (so, an 8 day cycle) instead of the prescribed day 1-2-4-6 split. I know that the experts say you shouldn’t tweak the programs, but I’m only talking about the days worked and I will leave the splits, reps and sets the same. My thoughts are that it shouldn’t make that much of an overall difference in the results - what do the rest of you think? And should I go right into OVT or take a week of GPP or some other program. (I’m sure that Vroom has answered these questions repeatedly, but I’m asking just the same,LOL)