OVT question

I asked before about going on a gaining cycle with a higher than optimal bodyfat percentage, and I understand the reasoning.

I was looking at the OVT article with Coach Thibaudeau and he sure dropped a lot of bodyfat and gained muscle while doing this program. I figure that I would have a bit of a natural advantage since I’m 18, but what do you guys think? I’m thinking of at least 4 more weeks of cutting fat before I would do this, so I would be lower in BF…maybe around 12% or so (I really need to get this tested). What do you guys think?

Thanks and take care,

OVT seems like a lot of volume for a dieting phase to me. I think Christian had a lot of success with it because it was the first time he did any type of bodybuilding training in a long time. I would think it would be fine as long as you knock some sets off each exercise. I usually try to shoot for 12-16 sets of low reps while dieting. This is just my opinion though.

So long as you are supplementing with at least a pound of butter per day, I believe you will be capable of handling the volume.