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OVT question for Christian T

Hey Chris I had a question about OVT and I was hoping you could clear it up. In Poliquins original article he states that one should do some supplementary work in the different rep ranges(10-15 and 8-12) along with the 10 sets of 10 to stimulate more muscle fibers and cause greater hypertrohpy.

In OVT I see that it seems like only the Fast twitch fibers are stimulated due to using the low reps with heavy loads. do using the excercises you superst with using the slow tempo hit different muscle fibers and make up for this or am I way of base of the whole program??

you out there CT?

5 reps at a 5-0-5 tempo is 50seconds of total TUT. This will work your hypertrophy capacity via slow twitch stimulation.

and in one of the OVT’s a 6020 tempo is prescribed.