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OVT Program, Single-Leg Exercise


Hello everyone.

I’m planning to start the OVT program, but i have 1 question for it.

The superset with the 1 arm row and the single leg back extension confuses me. Should i do it 5 times each legs? then i do the exercise 10 times?

Can someone clear this up for me?
My english is not so great, but i’am from the netherlands. Will do my best.



You are referring to this program, correct?

My understanding is this: for each of those movements (1 arm rowing & 1-leg back extension), you will do the listed number of reps (5) on each side.

So on the chest & back day, do 5 lat pulldowns, then 5 rows on each arms, then rest. Repeat four more time.

On the legs and abs day, 5 back extensions with each leg, then 5 leg curls, then rest. Repeat four more times.

So yes, for each movement, you techincally are doing a set of 10, but it’s really 5 per side.


Yes. I was reffering to thad program.
Thanks alot for your reply! I’m looking forward to begin. Read alot of good things about the program.

Thanks again


Yeah no problem.

If you don’t mind me asking, what part of the Netherlands are you from? I used to live in Germany and spent a decent amount of time in Holland. Mostly Amsterdam but I sometimes went to smaller towns.