OVT Program Duration?

OVT should only be performed for 4 weeks then 2 low-volume weeks right? Does it matter how long you keep doing this cycle. I used the OVT program for 5-6 weeks now and it is fantastic. My forarms are extremely sore but I’m defientely growing.

Any program ideas for the 2 low-volume weeks?

One more thing, my shoulders are killing me most of the time. Right in the front, the anteroir deltoid. Anyone else have this problem?

Doing OVT at the moment too. I posted a question about a few days before you posted yours and it was very similar, you can search for the post, the title is:

OVT For Life.

The answer is: yes, do it for 8 weeks, two blocks of 4 and then take 1-2 weeks back off (so lighter loads) and then i’d swicth program, maybe to one of Chad Waterbury’s workouts for 1 month and then go back. It’ll make it less boring and avoid your body adapting to the program.