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OVT on the Anabolic Diet

This is my second week on the Anabolic Diet, and yesterday was my first day doing OVT. I was just wondering if anyone else had done this, how they felt while working out, and what their results / progress has been.

I was expecting to bonk a little yesterday, but I never did. I actually felt pretty strong even though I had to drop in weight a little to be able to handle those supersets. We’ll see what happens on Wednesday, but I was wondering if anyone had done this.


I bonked yesterday. In fact, I felt pretty weak yesterday and had to lower my weight on almost everything I did. Last week was awesome, though. The difference? I carb-loaded this weekend. Monday I was okay energy-wise but couldnt get to the gym, so I went yesterday for Chest and Back. I had a minor headache I was fighting off all day, and by the time I got to the gym I just didnt feel energized.

What do you guys think I should do? Pop a cafeine pill? A already drink water and whey WHILE I workout… any advice would be great.


still on the diet?

Yup… any ideas?

Ya I’d recommend the occasional caffein or ephedrine tab during those days where you don’t feel all there…just don’t make a habit of it. I like to space out pre workout stimulants by atleast 2-3 days to avoid dependence, tolerance and adrenal fatigue. Give it a shot

I just bought Vivarin… we’ll see how it goes.