OVT Monday-Friday?

How would one adapt the OVT program to fit a schedule which only allows them to lift Monday-Friday?

Mon - Chest/Back
Tues - Legs
Wed - Off
Thurs - Arms
Fri - Shoulders
Sat & Sun - Off
Mon - repeat

does this sound feasible?

this has been my approach. Seems to be oing well thus far. i will provide more details in the next couple of weeks. Sleep seems to be the key for me, if I don’t get some good sleep for a couple of days I tend to feel weak during my training. No over traning issues thus far.

good luck

Yes. I did the first two weeks of phase 1 of OVT like that but I was really weak on the Fridays. It works but I found that by moving to lifting on MTThS works better for me than MTThF. I am definitely more recovered for the 4th lifting day.

Thanks, I think I’m going to do that then. I’m 17, so hopefully some of the excess hormones should help in recovery. My diet will be clean and large, and consistent.

I’m kind of pissed that I’m fat right now, very high bodyfat percentage, but I’d rather just get big and fat with lots of delicious mass than small with no muscle to show for my pathetic self.