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OVT & Hypertrophy Booster Shots

I have recently started CT’s OVT and am really enjoying it. It has been over a year since I lifted on a split such as this (I was doing essentially a modified TBT for a long period of time, and, not surprisingly, had plateued physically and mentally). I was curious if anyone had opinions on if I add in 1 or 2 hypertrophy booster shots that CW talked about earlier this summer. I have done these before on old programs and really enjoyed them and felt I got alot of benefit from 30 minutes of work on off days.

Do you think adding these on 1 or 2 off days will be overly taxing on my CNS? Lead to too much muscular fatigue with the already demanding 5x5 and supersets of OVT? Or do you think I would be better spending an off day or two on HIIT.

Any advice is appreciated.

I prob wouldnt if your doing OVT correct it’ll kick your ass. That said iof you do say One small lagging part at a time then should be fine. try it only way to see just listen to your body and gauge progress etc if you gaining its a good thing. if you stagnate or regress BAD.

More is not always better. Better to have VERY high intensity in workouts and less total crap.