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OVT for me?

Has anyone here tried T-Mag’s OVT (similar to German Volume Training, only with hopefully some strength gains, too?) It’s high volume, high-rest, and it looks good for bulking.

I was thinking about trying it. The only change I would make would be to skip the ‘off’ day on day 3, so I would do day 4 directly after day 3, so I could take both weekend days off.

Here’s the split.

Day 1: Chest and back
Day 2: Legs and abs
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Biceps and triceps
Day 5: Off
Day 6: Anterior/medial deltoid and rear deltoid
Day 7: Off

How were your results if you did OVT? Ive been lifting about 5 months, am 135lbs, 16 years old, 5’8". Started taking creatine this week, if that makes any difference.

What were your results if you tried this? Think I should go for it? Any suggestions/comments?

My other option would be to do Super Strength/Limping… but tell me what you think about OVT, and perhaps if Super Strength is better/worse for me.

Thanks for the comments/suggestions

Me thinks its a great program. sore as a bastard afterward, and they tend to be pretty long workouts if you follow the 6 sec eccentrics on the isolation movement.
Im not a big fan of heavy lifting in 16yr olds so i wouldn’t recommend it for yourself, personally. In saying that there are some guys who respond fine to early weight training but i think it is ultimately up to the individual. Are you fully grown? or are you still a lanky bugger that is probably going to put on another 30lbs in the next couple of years anyway.
Most of the youths i have worked with respond well to body weight exercises (pull ups, one legged squats etc)
Sorry, got a bit side tracked there!

Dont listen to this guy.

I have been training since I was 14. Trained big, and dumb. First year there were only 5 excercises we did.
Incline bench
hang clean

Nothing for the back. But I got big. My second year, I am sooo much smarter. I KNOW what to do now, instead of listening to the football coach. I am much stronger and you see how i look from my pics in the forums. Sure, you may be lanky. The first year i gained 20 pounds. This year I gained 25. Part of it will be natural filling out. But you will fill out even better. The demand for muscle will be greater. It will produce more. They are synergistic goals. Lift. Lift a lot, and lift heavy. Eat and eat big. You will not be hurt. Just be careful. Get big. Then, go to this guys house. Lift him up with one arm, and slap him around with the other, asking him why lifting for younger guys is bad.

No offense to the above poster. But we shouldn’t be scared to lift becuase of our age. Elderly women can lift. Young studs can too.

"I have been training since I was 14. Trained big, and dumb. First year there were only 5 excercises we did.
Incline bench
hang clean

Nothing for the back. But I got big. My second year, I am sooo much smarter."

Deadlifts and cleans don’t hit the back?
I think you have more to learn, before you start talking that garbage to forum vets.

I would post this question in Chirstian forum “Lair of the Ice dog” (it is his program). I do agree with Whetu, OVT is a bit much for someone with 5 monthes of training experience.

I am talking the lats. I still dont understand what hang cleans hit. I guess if you count the lats as stabalizers then yes deads hit the back.

Way to squash him, Ko!!
Got there before I could.


Deads will hit your lats, as the lats must contract isometrically to maintain extension of the humerus (keeping the bar close to you). They’ll also hit upper, mid, and lower traps,rhomboids, and the erector spinae group. The same is true of cleans.

There aren’t many other muscles of the back with which you need to be overly concerned. Perhaps your serratus posterior superior and inferior to aid in respiration?

Ok. to me the deadlift was always a lower back and ass excercise. I never really thought of the isometric contraction. My back is still lagging though. And my barbell row is pitiful. I can actually curl more then I can row.

Waht does hang clean do, if anything. Sure christian is strong, but for me i could never really tell, it seemed like it was all legs, maybe a little biceps

You were doing them wrong.


A lot of legs and a lot of back. Very little arm work if you’re doing them properly. Check this out:


Hmm, lots of stuff.

However my coordination is really too bad for this lift.

like i said some guys respond fine to early lifting some guys get ephiseal fractures and tendons torn clean off the bone. Young guys have alot of T floating around and common sense is not the most prolific trait in young bucks.
Im sticking to what i had to say, there is a shit load of time to lift heavy, get your diet down first (this will have the biggest affect in your life long training) and train all the traits that dont have the risk of lifting heavy (balance endurance speed flexibilty and LIFTING FORM!!)