OVT for fat loss?

I saw CT’s Beast article, saw that he was 230, 18% BF. Thats ME! I want to mimic CT’s results (as close as I can) So I am gonna start OVT today, with some High Octane Cardio, and Abs for Babehounds. Also On T-Dawg 2.0. I am also taking Hot-Rox, and using Protein powers. So my question is this…

Can I use OVT to get cut without losing to much LBM? and if so, What are some tips that helped you in OVT?

OVT seems a little too high on volume to me for a diet. I think the main reason CT had such great results with it is because he hadn’t done any bodybuilding movements in a while before this program. I would save it for a bulking cycle in my opinion.

I agree. I used modified westside training program and t dawg 2.0 and had a great sucess. You can do 5x5 program. Stick with compound exercises. No isolation exercises. You can do combination of powerlifting and olympic lifting. It’s just to keep the muscles or even gain muscles while you burn off fats. Keep the volume relative low and the sessions short.

BigWall, like you, after deciding on my goals I felt OVT was the best solution. I want to cut excess adipose tissue while retaining the strength I’ve built up over the winter. Can I ask all you experienced guys why the large volume would not be beneficial? To me it seems that this workout was designed for a high calorie expenditure while maintaining maximal strength. I was also going to couple it with the Running man program on off days. Could I get an explanation from somebody on why this would be faulty? Thanks ahead of time!!!

Can I ask all you experienced guys why the large volume would not be beneficial?

Because high volume+lower cals will most likly put you into an overtrained condition,uless you plan on doing this “assisted”

I am still confused about how CT looks like had the bulk, but he lost alot of BF% and it is still not recommended as a cutting phase… I know he didnt do movements in a while, that explains the mustle gains, but still doesnt explain the BF% drop.

The Overtraining makes sense but will a up in calories will prevent this?

It depends, Wall, on how much sleep you are getting, what kind of cals, stress, how much active recovery you are doing, as well as your genetics.

What is overtraining to one person is undertraining to another.

CT was also dieting at the time using Chris Juarez(Swole, at least I think that’s his name). Dieting already makes it easier to overtrain so when you throw in a high volume program it can get even worse. Personally, If I were using it I would cut it back to 3 supersets instead of 5. Remember also, everything is individual. Some people overtrain a lot easier than others. CT might also have a really good recover rate.