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OVT For a 16 Year Old?


Do you think it would be good for a 16 year old who's about 130lbs and 5'8 to do OVT. i play about 5-8 hours of football (soccer) a week. and i want to gain size


Less posting and more lifting. Sure you can gain with activities like soccer, but make sure you feed yourself on breaks.


No, I would not do OVT while you are playing 5-8 hours of soccer a week. Bro, if you want to gain size you need to spend more time eating and lifting and cut your soccer down to about 2-4 hours per week. You will kill yourself if you do OVT while playing that much Soccer. It alsodepends on how much size you want to put on. I don't see many big soccer players. Give some more details.


It really depends alot, how much did you train in the past (without a break until now)? if you did over 2 years than do it but try not to get to failure. If less do it and adjust the intensity so that you wont get to over-training. And eat alot!



OK i'll try and cut down on the soccer. i wanna get to about 150-160lbs. I eat as much as i can- at school i have tuna (2 cans) and mayo in 8 pieces of bread- that enough? i also have a can of tuna along with my weetabix for breakfast, then another can or a couple of eggs before i go to bed. that alright?
btw im nearly finished with total-body training and how many weeks do you think it'll take me to put on that much mass?


It's alright if you are gaining weight. If you're not, then it's not alright. Don't forget your fruits and vegetables - they'll help you grow too.


It takes patience man. Dont take advice for weeks. Keep trying to gain and see your own results.