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OVT, football, and massive eating...

I’m about to start OVT, but I’d like to know a few things first. I’m playing football right now. I know strength is more important than size, but I really want to get big again. I’ve fallen all the way down to 195 from 203. I just went and got a bunch of tuna so I can begin massive eating again.

Like I said, will size and agility be just as good as strength and agility. Will being big hinder my performance?

As far as the tuna goes, it’s all I can afford right now. So, I’ll be eating tuna three or four times a day, as well as a protein shake three or four times a day. Do I need to have more solid food, or is half/half enough?

how bout some cottage cheese, or chicken breast. or lean beef? All are relatively cheap and a hell of a lot more “diverse” in terms of food preperation. I dont think you will last long on tuna and powder alone! You need some fat, proper post workout nutrition as well as other sources of protein. Although tuna is a great and healthy protein source, that alone ain’t gonna do it my man.

I would suggest you go to the renegade forum. Coach Davies is an expert on the subject

I would not eat that much tuna, due to the buildup of mercury. Also, too much of any one type of food can lead to weird things like developing allergies to that food, etc. Here is a recent thread on tuna from this forum: