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OVT and cutting

have any of you T-men used Thibideau’s OVT program while cutting? it seems like it would be a kick ass program regardless and i am thinking about trying it while cutting but i just wanted to get some feedback first.

It would be great but dont go overboard on extra cardio, IF you’re doing it to help with the cutting. Your CNS needs a bit of recovery from the intense workouts you’ll get from OVT. Get a multi, get some anti oxidents, get some Surge and get plenty of rest. You’ll need it for recovery.

With OVT on the 2nd movement COUNT STRICT. No cheating. Once you get you’re percentages down and overload the muscles with the 2nd movement you’ll be blasted by it. If the routine calls for two exercises when the equipment arent near each other find another exercise that is comparable to the 2nd one that is closer. Its essential that the 2nd movement take place right after the first. This gives the greatest work load for the muscles.


OVT training is great for cutting. I was on a cutting cycle about two months ago and used OVT and I went from 18%bf down to 14%bf without losing any lbm. Just make sure you have a proper diet and get plenty of rest and sleep while on this cycle. You’ll see results in no time!

It is too heavy for cutting. But its a great offseason program! I think youll loose to much strength and musclemass if u do this on a low calorie diet


Chiro if CT did his first transformation with OVT then how is it too heavy for cutting?

Yeah, pay attention bud. CT gained size and strength while cutting on OVT. I’m currently experiencing the same results.

I have to re-emphasize the importance of rest on this program though. There have been nights when I didn’t get enough rest or tried to push it and play a little too much basketball on my lifting days. It kicked my ass to say the least. Just listen to your body.

hey guys thanks a lot. you’re advice is always appreciated and i will let you all know how it goes. right now i my stats are 5’11", 189 with about 12% bf and around 166 of LBM. i am down from around 195 with 15% bf three weeks ago, mostly becasue of my change in diet and training style. OVT just seems like it would help me keep or increase the LBM while still losing fat.

Trailer make sure you’re getting enough protein per doy to maintain your LBM. A starting point should be 1-1.5 gram per lb of LBM to maintain. Fool around with that # and see what works best for YOU!

i went through 8 weeks of OVT but was chronically tired from trying to limit my calories that by the middle of it i upped my calories so my body could recover better.

after 8 weeks, i noted a number of changes:

  1. although i don’t know my bf%, i do look leaner, feel leaner, and judging by the looser fitting pants, lost a bit of fat. this is by no means anything close to CT’s transformation, but it was a good start for me.
  2. all my lifts increased - volume is probably one parameter i’m always messing around with trying to lift maximum weights. by supersetting heavy compound lifts with more isolated, controlled eccentrics, i went through a phase where my strength increased quite dramatically.
  3. i didn’t do much cardio throughout ovt, but add it into your workouts so you can burn more calories and aid your active recovery.

good luck

Get enough protein and maybe try a PH to prevent muscle breakdown. Even Hotrox should be good for this. I believe in CT’s transformation he used high doses of Tribex but I’m not sure.

I am currently on a “cutting” phase, using OVT. Went from 206 13% to 200 9.2% in three weeks. While I owe the body comp. change largely to an awesome carb cycling diet provided me by the illustrious Tampa-Terry, I definitely experienced muscular gains. Just by analyzing the numbers I lost 8lbs fat and gained 2lbs LBM. BTW, I did not do any cardio. As a side note, this cutting for summer idea sucks! But at least it is still possible to make gains while staying lean, contrary to the beliefs of many people on this forum.

here are my supplements while on this program:

Pure creatine mono
Whey isolate (after workouts and sometimes in the morning)
Hot Rox
debating on trying Surge

my diet is roughly as follows:
6 meals
about 250g of protien, 75-125g of carbs and 3 teaspoons of flax oil a day. that comes to about 2100-2400 cals/day.

please let me know what you think, especially about supps. i am really trying to dial it in for summer.

I tried it lasy year while I was cutting and I burned out really quick…It’s too much volume to use during a cutting phase but it’s a great program for a mass phase!

You ask how is it too heavy for cutting, and you are telling me to pay attention? If you think you can gain that much muscle and loose that much fat together in a short period of time, I think you are wrong! It can of cause be done on roids or HGH, but not “clean” unless you are a genetic freak. I have tried similar programs while dieting and It`s just not as effective for keeping muscle as 5x5 or another “power-program”.