Ovo-Vegetarian Diet

I know all of us here tend to love our animal proteins (they are delicious) but I am curious if anyone more knowledgeable on nutrition truly knows if something like an Ovo-Vegetarian diet can reduce inflammation or other system markers.

I have been doing more research into insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control and a lot of the data seems to suggest that saturated fat intake contributes to an increase in insulin resistance. However, there is also data that seems to show minimal to no effect when other things are correlated (such as macro breakdown) and the majority of the benefits may stem from eating more fiber.

I don’t think I could go full blown vegan (not anything wrong with that - I just don’t want to) but an ovo-vegetarian or ovo-pescatarian type diet is an intriguing option.

There has been some recent suggestion that Type 2 diabetes may actually be reversed if nutrition is properly aligned (though not proven and not currently a viewpoint many are staking claim on).

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