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Overzealous Trigger Point Treatment

Here is the scenario: Semi-recently I began to get some discomfort in my left wrist, specifically when rotating and extending it. I figured that it could be referred pain from my wrist flexor muscles, so I used the backnobber (Big ass plastic thing used to get rid of trigger points) on it and sure enough I could feel the trigger point.

I think I was overzealous, as the next day instead of relief i ended up with increased pain in the muscle area, and running up the forearm to the wrist.

My questions are, first is there any serious damage i could have caused, second how shall i attempt to rehab it (continue gently treating it, or just letting it be), and third has anyone else ever done something like this? Also-- the trigger point is still definitely there, as when i touch it i can feel that “trigger point type” pain.

Yes, I’ve done something like this. No, it’s not likely to be serious damage. But overzealous is counter-productive. I think there is probably increased muscle tension or spasm to protect the area, and maybe bruising.

It’ll heal. I personally left the overworked area alone till it was better, then resumed the trigger-point work. Maybe ice it a bit.

Next time, work the point for like 10 seconds at a time, multiple times per day. Don’t overdo the pressure either.