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Overworking Hamstrings?

For the first time, I have access to a glute ham bench and am trying to take advantage, as I may not have access in a few months.

I began doing a rep here and there just to get used to it while building up my strength on a fitness ball. Over a few weeks, I worked up to 3 x 3 band assisted reps, w/ an occasional 4th rep. Lately, however, I’ve been regressing and can’t get more that 1 or 2 reps at all.

This could be attributed to better form (less cheating), as I pay more attention to that now. Could over training also be causing this? I generally only do 1 hamstring exercise per work out (3x/week): GHR, RDL, or KB Swings.

Should I cut back, “deload” by adding more resistance on the band, go back to the fitness ball, or what?


I wouldn’t worry about decreasing from 3 reps to 2 reps or even 1 rep. I personally like to use GHR as an assistance exercise, so I tend to do more reps per set than you do (I don’t know your particular goals though). I like to do 2-3 sets in the 10-15 rep range. Why do you do so few reps per set?

Just do it unbanded and get lots of sets and reps in, its an assistance excercise so as long as the big lifts are going up I wouldn’t worry

Thanks for the advice, but I think you guys misunderstood… it’s band ASSISTED, as in it’s to help me get more reps (a la ben bruno).

My reps are so few because of weakness and also getting positioning right.

I’m concerned that my reps are going down because this is without resistance going up (which isn’t completely true: bodyweight has increased).

After messing around w/ GHRs for a while, I am now making steady gains.

I am entirely convinced it was just a matter of getting the right set up.

When I tried them I used a green (average) Jumpstretch band, could manage ~3-5.
Worked up to getting ~8 then swapped to a purple (light) band.
Aim is to get down to no band.

If you compare it to BB lifting if you’re doing 3-5 reps your probably at ~ 90-95% level, so easy to overdo it.