Overworking as a Security Guard Doing Nothing

Is it still an issue to work 50+ hours and be able to still gain

Must be in my head from years ago that I was aware that if you work a lot it will affect your gains. Is that still relevant or has new studies shown it to be false?

I work as a security gaurd watching a tech company building. Doing very little. Sitting on my ass. Its tiring mentally to do so many hours. Sometimes night shifts and it fecks up your sleeping routine. It comes to more then 50 hours a week

Does gear compensate for fatigue/overworking/sleep routine issues?

Nah; you’ll be good.

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High stress can have an impact but what’s the alternative?

Quit your job? That’s probably more stressful.

Not train? That’s really going to affect your gains.

Just keep in mind that whilst studies do show you if something is statistically significant and often the percentages are impressive (group A experienced 25% more muscle growth that group B) that the differences in practice are often not that stark (what do you mean 25% is just 10 grams?)

Does gear compensate for fatigue/overworking/sleep routine issues?

Probably best to post this in the pharma forum if you want responses.

You think 50 hours of work s week is a lot? Did you used to work for the govt?

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Thanks man. Short and to the point. Its not a stressful job at all.
Just tiring from doing nothing and I need to get stable with my sleep as that’s key imo. Cheers

Why not work out at work?

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Being hungry and underfed or dehydrated can affect energy levels, and then impact your gains.

If your shifts change from days to nights or you’re away from home for 10+ hours it can mess with your appetite or just the timing of your eating, making it hard to get your meals and all your grams in. So plan ahead a pack lots of snacks. And get enough to water.


I like flats suggestions to use the time to get the little things right like hydration 3-4 Ls and get your nutritional in including good timing.

Stressing and being anxious about how work may or may not affect your gains is adding stress load to your body. Not physical stress like a manual labour job but cumulative stress that your body will have to recover from nonetheless.

Maybe look at tweaking your mindset and reframing how you view work not as a terribly tiring chore that going to kill your gains but as an opportunity to prepare for training at better than someone working manual labour would be able to.

What would be the alternative? If you’re going to be using your time to work anyways than working a less strenuous job like this one is pretty good relatively speaking.

Sitting down all day can make anyone feel sluggish but just getting up and moving a bit often can fix that: breaks up the monotony of the day and I can get in the rehab stuff and movement prep I need to do due to past injury.

I don’t know exactly how free you are to be doing stuff other than sitting down in one place at your job but there’s plenty of stuff that can break up the work maybe tranquil music or podcasts on various topics


Yes, I wondered too if you’d be allowed (or encouraged) to patrol around on foot - if so I’d be doing a lot of that. And if not, maybe pushups and such.

I also think you need to reframe your view of work. It is what enables you to make gains, make rent, make groceries, etc.

I like the idea of podcasts. Learn some stuff! Spend your time at work growing in other ways.

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