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What do you guys do when you feel as though you’re constantly back tracking? Between training, school, my fraternity, and other obligations, I always feel like I’m a step behind where I need to be; and on top of that I still need to find a job.

I’ve tried focusing on time management, cutting out things that aren’t important, etc. While these seem to solve the problem temporarily, I usually end up back where I was when I started. I know that many of the people on here have some pretty hectic schedules. Does anyone have any words of advice for a stressed out college student?

get a dayplanner or if you can afford it get a palm piolt orginizer or use your Outlook orgnizer on your cpu.

Everyone these days is stressed. Seems we Americans just can’t get away from it.

I am a single mother of two very young children. I am taking care of my 81 yr old mother who has had a stroke. I run a home based business and work part time for a group of doctors. If I can find time to train and eat right anyone can.

I do make my “to do list” every night before I go to bed. there are two columns. Things I would like to do and things I HAVE to do. If something comes up the things I would like to do list starts getting shortened. Training is on the HAVE to do side. If I don’t get that done things could get ugly.
Truly prioritizing your life is the only way. We all make time for things that are important.

What exactly are you having trouble working into your life?

Sometimes telling others NO can be difficult; however it is very liberating once you do it and you have more free time.

when you’re busy you dont have time to worry about that shit.
all i do is Uni, work and train.
i saw a movie tonite. first nite out in 3 weeks.
but my job kicks ass so thats cool and i love what i do at uni.
no complaints here.

My only suggestion would be getting up earlier. When I lived in a frat house it was very difficult going to bed at 10 or 11, even harder getting up at 6. But it worked great, I got up, got my workout in, went back and ate, showered and did some reading. I usually had time for a 30 minute nap at some point. Take classes early in the morning. Now the bad part about this is that your social life will suffer, I only went out 1 or 2 times a week, which is nothing for being in school, but I was gaining weight, and taking care of all my other business. It all depends on what’s important, do you want to get drunk and chase all every night, or have killer workouts and do decent in school? You can balance both by the early solution. Good luck, and have fun. BTW, I will say I missed out on some stuff doing this, but again it’s what’s important to you.

It’s all about prioritization. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything into your schedule every day. Take care of the big stuff first, and try to work in enough of the little stuff to keep up your quality of life – perhaps on a rotating basis for the little priorities. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to sleep and eat – other than that, you’ve got to make choices about what is most important, and then stick with those choices.