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Overwhelmed by Supplements ...


There was a time I didn't take much in the way of supplements, just swallowed whatever my mom put in front of me with my waffles.  Then, other than a multi-vitamin, I pretty much skipped any supplements at all.

One day, I added fish oil.  On three grams s day, my triglycerides dropped from over 300 to 100 in about six months.

After that, I went on a diet and lost almost 70 pounds (245 to 168) and my triglycerides dropped another fifty points.  I added some calcium because I was drinking a lot of diet soda on the diet (the carbonation in sodas tends to be calcium stripping).  Then some glucosamine as a preventative since my mother responds to it (it works for some people and not for others).  

At that point I feel like I get a handful of pills every morning.  I tried various other supplements from time to time.  And there are some I've just thought about taking.

Some have strange effects (much to my surprise, vitamin C now helps me sleep better at night, but it turns out it neutralizes the traces of Vyvanse left in my system).

Right now I feel overwhelmed by supplements.  Too much to read out there, too many books, too many thoughts.

I've got the fish oil, a multivitamin and the vitamin C going right now. My 20 mg a day Vyvanse prescription.

http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements?pageNo=1&s=forumsNavTop ??

Hours later, week after week, I'm glad to be back to this forum.

Bob's Log

I must confess I've never been to the Supps and Nutrition part of this site. Followed your link and looked at a few. Damn. What ever happen to my old one-a-day?


The market has evolved. Good old fashioned supply and demand.


I've dropped the vitamin C and the centrum, along with the calcium.

My wife still takes c and calcium she swears by it.

I drink 1 to 2 quarts of milk a day and on average about 50 grams of whey, on lifting days a little more.

Fresh pineapple,mango,papaya and bananas eaten through out day.

Eat fish 5 or 6 time a week may be more.
Take about 1 gram of fish oil-it's really expensive here. Also snack with almonds and walnuts.

Really agree with taking fish oil.

I look back at the old time lifters. It would interesting to revisit their diets.


I get my fish oil from Costco. Quality is good, price is very cheap.

(Kirkland is the store brand for Costco -- I pick it up while buying gasoline, though you can get it on-line from them).

Fresh pineapple would bankrupt me here :wink:


[quote]Elaikases wrote:
I get my fish oil from Costco. Quality is good, price is very cheap.

Headed back to Detroit soon- I think my daughter is a Cos

tco member.

Last time in U.S. I had suit case stuffed. I was over the

weight limit,had to deload at check in.

Now, only allowed one bag plus carry on. I think I will

go with one change of clothes plus what I am wearing.

Have GNC here, but basically %100 mark up. That's why I try to go natural.