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Overwhelmed by Powerlifting Meet info


I’ve been looking into doing a powerlifting meet but all of the information I’ve seen (on Powerliftingwatch.com) has been overwhelming. I don’t really know where to start, everything I see says things like “Championships”, “States”, “nationals”, things like that. I also see some that say Novice/beginner. I’ve never done a meet before, do i NEED to do a novice/beginner meet? Am I allowed to do a championship or states type meet, or do I need to be invited, or qualify for it? I don’t need a specific meet recommendation, I just want to be able to assess what meets would be a good fit for me. Thanks!


Word of advice: PL watch is often not updated for gyms / feds / meet info. You’re better off heading to the federation website and looking at the meet entry form directly. If the meet is invite-only or qualifying total only it should say on the meet entry form. You don’t have to do a “novice” meet for your first one.


Just contact the meet director. They will have a way better chance of answering your questions than anyone else.


Google to find out which powerlifting federations are active in your area. Then go to the websites of those federations and find their event calendars. Like Max said, the entry forms for the meets will state if a qualifying total is required.

Also, don’t get too intimidated by the title of a meet. It’s usually just marketing. For example, some federations hold “world championships” that don’t even include competitors from outside of the host country.


Awesome, thanks for the help guys!


Most Feds have that divsion in most of their meets… so if your asking if you have to find a Meet that specifically say its a Novice/beginner meet then …nope.

If your asking if you have too do a novice/beginner division due to never competing before the answer is no also.


Bulldog: What federations have a novice/beginner division? I’ve never seen that. And does that mean that you only compete against others in that division?


N.A.S.A still has a novice division still and yes you compete against other novice in your weight class.