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Overweight Trainee, Protein Requirement?


i know alot of people aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. When your obese does this still apply. i am close to 300 pounds at a height of 6" 3'. Would it be okay to shoot for .75 grams of protein per pound of body weight till i get down to around 250 or so?

I am trying to do the math on a diet (i used to be in pretty good shape) and i want to get a feel for how much protein i can allow for.

I plan on doing weight training with controlled rest periods 90-60 seconds between sets 5 days a week.


Are you just beginning to get into shape?

If so you really shouldn't be jumping into any strict dieting because in all likelihood you will fail. I would recommend focussing on removing all the junk in your diet and replacing those items with whole foods with a decent serving of protein in every meal (~50g).

Once you have conquered your cravings and have decent control of your eating habits, you can formulate a much more exact dieting plan. However at this point simply exercising and cutting out the junk food will cause you to lose weight.


i have dieted before... 6 years ago i was in pretty decent shape. This month i have cut all the crap out of the diet (fastfood,soda, etc).


I don't think there is any real benefit to having more than .75g / lb body weight from the perspective of building and maintaining muscle while on a diet (considering your starting weight). However, being 300lbs your dietary requirements will be much higher than most peoples and the calories need to come from somewhere. I think extra protein is better for dieting than extra carbs or fat because of the satiety factor. I find that 800cals of protein and veggies is considerably more filling than 800 cals of a starch or fat source with limited protein. For this reason, I would try to keep the protein high while dropping the weight.

There is also the thermic effect of protein, which is considerably higher than fat and carbs. Thus, having a diet with more protein can make your diet 5-10% more efficient.


Thanks Ethan! I just wanted to confirm the protein percentage per body weight b4 breaking out the spreadsheet.


Good luck!


My usual recommendation with cals and macros for overweight individuals is to feed their LEAN bodyweight, or what you feel you SHOULD weigh. BUT, keep in mind that if your basic healthy fats are accounted for, and you're getting enough carbs to get through your workouts and function well from day to day, extra protein will not hurt you, and may even help satiate appetite as well as get an extra little caloric burn (very minute mind you) from the thermic effect it will required for digestion.



I agree, use Lean Body Mass(LBM) * 1 = protein intake.

I have never heard of this^ but it sounds good too.

If you go with Stu or MODAK you are in good hands either way.