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Overweight to Healthy Weight - Program???


I just finished typing a long message in the gastric-bypass thread; something I feel strongly about. And something occured to me.

Could SOMEONE here (with more brain power than me) setup some kind of challenge; to bring on a shit load of poor fat-bastards, who have tried every fucking gadget and scheme in the world to lose weight (and probably got fatter), and put them through a T-Nation program that makes them normal people again.

Every day there are thousands of people that must come onto this great site one way or another. They probably get overwhelmed by sets/reps/ periodization and all that; a lot of people don't give crap about that (at one time, that was me...); they just don't want to be fat anymore. T-Nation can help more than any bloody informercial or "fast abs" bullshit.

I guess I'm trying to appeal to people like Chris Shugart here - he's been there, done that, and KNOWS that there's an alternative.

The D.C. Test Fest gave me a better glimpse of the capabilities of T-Nation (and it's knowledgable members) - do you think there's a way this could be used to really help turn the tide on the plight of the poor, confuzed, fat-bastard? How could "we" do that?

"From Overweight to Healthy Weight - A T-Nation Program for all" ??



Well, I'm not sure what the best way to get the site the most exposure is. It is occassionally mentioned in the odd magazine, and I know Metabolic Drive Bars have won top mentions in comparisions of Protein bars in magazines as well.

One thing that could be done, along the same line as Jilly's 'The T-Vixen Articles' thread,


would be to gather links to pertinent diet articles, and beginner workouts. As the forum grows, the info gets spread out, and becomes harder to locate. I know that one or two guys post quite a few links in answer to certain questions, but I always forget to bookmark them, and I'd be damned if I could find them again, without a lengthy search.

I'm not sure that many fat bastards would willingly allow themselves to be 'lead' here. Most of us, have just somehow stumbled onto the place, often just by luck, I think.

But I agree with you, that if any one place has all the info that a person needs to change their lifestyle, and bodystyle, this is it.

\|/ 3Toes


Not an easy thing to do. I think it would be hard to find and attract the people. Harder still to gets ones with enough motivation once given the tools to lose the fat and become healthy. Imagine how many people volunteered for The Biggest Loser, something that was mass-advertised, and how comparatively few appropriate candidates were selected for the show. But it would be a nice thing if T-Nation could somehow do it.


That's exactly the problem. You can use all the best marketing strategies to get the information out there, but it won't succeed. Not unless the people you reach are actually willing to get off their asses and do more than think "I'd look so much better with 30 less pounds"... while reaching for another potato chip.