Overview Of The 40 Day Workout Challenge by Dan John

My wife had been after an “easy” workout out for years. Something she can do most days that’s well structured and allows her to get a bit fitter without the hard work of something like starting strength or 531.

So I helped her with Dan John’s 40 day workout.

I will say right now - we have not used it as written. She’s not willing to commit to certain aspects.

Change 1 - exercise selection. Its devolved into PPL. Which I’m not happy with. But anything is better than nothing.

Change 2 - it developed into every other day. Not 5/week.

Current exercises are:

Slight incline bench, Bent over row, back squat, planks (the up down sort).

Past exercises:

Front Squat, dead lift, romanian dead lift, higher incline bench, and press.

Over all thoughts.

Very good. My wife is not a keen exerciser. Left to her own device a while back she “invented” low intensity interval training. However this programme has kept her fresh and interested. As well as helping her develop a bit of strength. I don’t have the starting numbers. I was told not to keep them written down. However I can attest that she is stronger. He is now moving for 5 reps what she struggled to move for 2-3 8 weeks ago. And given the nature of the programme - it’s a very easy 5. Move over - she is happy and healthier. Since starting she has just been a much more active person. And I can see her carrying on for a while yet. Adding 2kg every 3 weeks (as it is now) is a VERY slow but methodical progression that she can see has longevity. She’s not worried about accidentally setting a new squat world record.

Over all - great programme for someone that is maybe a bit tired of the same old same old. Or someone that (like my wife) is not a massive fan of strenuous hard work, with all the grunting and screaming. But CAN see them self doing 45mins of medium hard work 5 times a week (it’s a very achievable work out for 45min).

A work out that she can do with her mates at the local sport centre, and make progress. When they reopen and she leave my home gym alone!


All I can say is that you’re either very brave or thick as sh*t for trying to get your missus involved with training :joy:

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Its gone “less than brilliantly” a few time.

However - its a vote of confidence in my results. She wants the results I’m getting. Happens every time I make some positive body changes. She wants to join me. Until I hit up 20 rep squats, or press ups till I cry.

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Fair play man

Anytime I get the missus involved usually ends up with her throwing a hissy fit and refusing to ‘follow orders’

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Is you wife in doors now? Can you check? I want to make sure we are not married to the same person.