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I dont have a set routine of workouts. What i usually do is…

Day 1: Back / Biceps
Day 2: Soulders / Forearms
Day 3: Chest / Triceps
Day 4: Rinse and Repeat

I take one day off during the week(usually friday). I do cardio after these workouts most of the time. I was wondering if you guys would consider this overtraining. Im a 17 year old, 145pounds, about 5’7.

Im considering taking a break after each day if i am currently overtraining. I also might either do something like this:

Day 1: Back / Biceps
Day 2: Break
Day 3: Cardio(Boxing, Running, etc.)
Day 4: Break
Day 5: Soulders / Forearms
Day 6: Break
Day 7: Cardio(Boxing, Running, etc.)
Day 8: Break
Day 9: Chest/Triceps

So do any of you guys think i should switch over?

No one can tell you just from looking at that.

Are you progressing??
Are you eating like a horse??
Are you sleeping well and a LOT???
What do these w/o’s consist of?? Are they all isolation crap or are they based on compound movements.


More Input.

Seeing as you got an overall thumbs up on doing squats and deadlifts in your other post, why don’t you rework your plan to include legs? The amount of rest you need is going to be based on your goals, schedule, etc. There are lots of great workouts in the archives here, I would take the time to figure out what you’re working toward and commit to workout schedule.

Also, in one post you’re 16, in the other you’re 17. Sorry to be the ass to point that one out. . .

Progress: A little noticeable difference in weight. My physical appearence is more cut and noticeable now though.
Eating: Of course :slight_smile: 2 lunches during school now and always have plenty of hunger waiting for me when i come home.
Sleep: Well, totally. Alot, not necessarily. I get home around 11 and wake up around 6-6:30. Sometimes I will take a nap after school though. But overall around 7 hours…which is decent.

Honestly I dont know what my workouts consist of. I based them off of what my friend was doing. Im sure its no isolation though. Personally I try to use everything- freeweights then cable and then i move on to machines. After machines ill do assisted dips/pull-ups depending if its chest or back day. That really gets me done :slight_smile:

I dont really notice the obvious overtraining symptoms but the reason i ask is because im a teenager. Energy is coming out of my nose…but I dont want to burn out or anything. If you need any other info please let me know.

The only reason I never really did leg workouts besides cardio is because I wanted to get more flexible and I was always scared of that myth. Im going to incorporate it now though. Im looking forward to one-legged squats and using the machines. Ill just do extra stretching so I can improve flexibility while gaining strength.

Sorry abou the age error haha, I mustve not been thinking if i wrote 16. Im 17. :slight_smile: