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OK guys. I probably know the answer to this. For the last year my chest routine has been weekly use of maximal weights (295lbs +), incorporating the 1-6 Principle, Wave Training, and any other workout incorporating heavy weight. All this without more than 4 days between chest workouts, but normally 3 days rest. In the last 3 weeks I have had various anterior delt strains, rotator cuff strains etc. I assume overtraining. My questions are 1-How much downtime for rest on the chest? What about tri’s? Can I use light weights during the down time or should it be complete rest? As usual, thanks.

Read Paul Cheks recent 2 part article on pattern overload. That possibly could be the problem. Along with doing too much heavy benching you may also have weak stabilizers. Do dumbells for a while keeping the reps up to 8-12 per set. Do lots of light rotator cuff work and stretching for the triceps, shoulders and chest. Take 5 days off and relax for a while first. you should be back to normal in no time