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Is it ok to overtrain (as in lift every day) the week before a 4 day break? Or is it better to stick to the program?


Try it and see what happens. You most likely won’t die from it ;-). A lot of people underestimate their recovery capabilities. Give it a shot and like you said, you’ll have 4 days after to recover.

you don’t necessarily overtrain when you workout every day. it all depends on your intensity, volume, routine, and diet. laters pk

Most strength athletes will only overreach. Hardly any overtrain.

Agree with the greek. I train 6 days a week and that is after a 5 year layoff. But I don’t train to failure and I only train for about 40 minutes (not including postural work e.g. lower abs, rotator cuff work, thoracic extensions etc) per session.

I’m using a WSB template

ME upper
ME lower
day off
DE upper
DE lower
day off

I’m thinking of not taking the days off and starting on the next weeks schedule because of the break.


No it is not ok to overttrain; JB has two good articles on his site that deal with overtraing so I will not go over it. Now it is ok to almost overtrain (infrequently), in fact the Russians and others perfected using overtraining weeks (shock training) in a peridized program to jump start there progress. They designed programs that took the athlete to near overtraining then took them right out. Make sure your nutrition and recover abilities (stress, sleep, ext., and ext.) are fully optimized. A great shock method is the 10x10 method, but there are many more. Good luck.

One other point few athletes in my experience actually overtrain, most of the time when an athlete feels lethargic he/she thinks there overtraining when it could very well be many other things like nutrition.