If my hamstrings are still a bit sore from doing glute ham raises should i still do my leg workout and say just not incorperate them in this workout?? I am trying to hit my legs twice a week.

How long has it been since your w/o.

Also many times by training through soreness will actually help.

There is a point to all this overtraining stuff has to stop. Yes it is a real issue, but dont let it stop you from training hard. Ppl seem to be taking this issue a bit far sometimes, Befor you know it we wont be training @ all in fright over overtraining.

One good option would be to do a different rep / weight scheme than your last w/o targeting different muscle fibers than your past w/o. If last time was heavy/low rep, this time go for some lower weight, explosive type of movements in a higher rep scheme.


thanks phill i appreciate your help on this forum. Monday was my last leg day and today the day i hit them again when they were a bit sore is thursday. I guess i should just get myself in there even if it is a bit sore as long as im giving my legs ample time to “recover”

I train fullbody 3 x a week and I do use GHR (natural variant, natural leg curl, wotever u wanna call it). Generally, you can just work through the soreness, its when you’re weights start going down that you need to stop and think about overtraining. Happened to me 2 seasons ago cos like a moron I lifted heavily 4x a week and had rugby practice for 2 hours on the same 4 days. The advice about changeing your rep scheme is a good idea. Another one is to do a quad dominant day and a hip/ham dominant day (I think Ian king uses this approach, not sure though). anyways, keep lifting hard man, balls to the wall.

it depends on the amount of soreness you have and if it really limits you from doing the same density workout that you usaully perform on leg day. if you can progress on 3 days rest do it. if you can’t then go to 4 days rest. laters pk

thanks guys, ya i was thinking of applying that ham/glute and quad concentration days. I am going to start working through the soreness… Starting a strength cycle soon! i cant wait to work heavy, ive been working in the 12 rep range with slow eccentrics for 2 months

twisted no prob. Sounds like you got it all situated.

Good luck on the strenght phase.


CW just wrote about training each body part 4 times a week. I like the logic he used. He said you’re body will become acustomed to it and sometimes we don’t give our body enough credit. He said look at soccor players. They work their legs everyday and hard running for hours but their body adapts to it. He also said unless you’re sorness is extreme, can’t really move well and walking around like frankenstein, you could train. And as Phill stated above training through soreness has its benefits as well.

Overtraining hype is just that. Stretch, pull a sled, do someting, anything to get blood flowing to the sore areas. Do you think westsiders will skip workouts due to soreness? hell no. They’ll find a way to alleviate it.

I wouldn’t recommend doing your legs more than once a week unless you’re splitting up your doing one day for quads and one day for hams. Do your quads first and include all of your compound movements such as squats and leg press in that workout. Then hit your hams at least 4 days later and do more isolation movements such as leg curls. Doing quads on monday and hams on friday should give you ample time to recover. Just make sure your ham workout is a light one so that they won’t be sore on quad day. I still recommend hitting both on the same day and giving your legs a week to recover, I’ve made all my gains (6 inches in legs over 2 years)hitting my quads and hams once a week in the same workout.

chase, I have to disagree on all counts. Many people can make excellent gains hitting quads and hams twice a week. Anyone that can’t do this either has recovery issues brought about by themselves or they don’t train properly. You don’t need to train until you vomit all the time. If you do that, not only will you not be able to train mroe than once a week, your progress won’t be optimized for a variety of reasons. Try splitting up your work into two workouts. Ask Waterbury about this. Heck, ask a powerlifter about this. I squat twice a week and hit hams twice a week and have added more size this way than I ever did squatting once a week. Your body will rise to the occasion if it is forced to and if you eat and sleep.