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Can someone be so kind to point me towards a great article or read concerning overtraining?

I cannot for the life of me find one. And yes, the search engine is perhaps sick of me by now. So, don't suggest it.



I wanna say that you can find it in Ian King's Bring the pain phase 1. He describes the symptoms of overtraining


Pretty much all of Ian King's programs are designed to prevent overtraining. He addresses this more in his book "Get Buffed".


Read soem of Joel's stuff. He has some good stuff on overtraining. Do a search on the forum for 'New Ripped, Rugged, and Dense Routine'


Al, what kind of training split/routine are you using?

Do you have access to enough equipment for variance in your program?

My volume never gets too high, but I find that switching routines every 4-6 weeks tends to keep away the signs of overtraining.