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I have been told that this routine I use looks like I am overtraining but noone seems to give me advice on how to tweak it. My time is limited and I enjoy this routine, but my gains are slow. I am aware alot of it is due to diet, but I seem to slow on other parts. What can I do to tweak this routine but still use it.

Routine is as follows. I lift 3 days a week and kickbox 2 days a week. All reps are 6-10 reps (higher for small muscle groups). I have altered my exercise due to a recent DJD in my right shoulder. I enjoy this workout and it takes me 35-40 minutes

3 days a week

all 3 days squats - 3 sets/1 drop 6-8reps
all 3 days floor bench - same as above (recent shoulder problem)
all 3 days Lat raises - same as above 8-12 reps (use to do standing militarty press)
day 1 - front lat pull downs. same as above
day 2 - onearm dumbell rows - same as above
day 3 - deadlifts 2 sets and bentover rows 2 sets same as above
day 1 - close grip bench 2 sets/1drop 6-8 reps
day 2 - EZ bar overhead ext. . same as above
day 3 - rope pushdowns - same as above
day 1 - barbell curls - same as above
day 2 - Dumbell curls - same as above
day 3 - rev grip behind head pulldowns - same as above

Just my personal opinion, but I’d scrap the whole workout and start fresh. Chances are that if you’ve been doing it for a while a “tweak” simply isn’t going to do it.

Secondly, I would have to agree that you were likely overtraining though I couldn’t tell without speaking to you. Why not attempt to put together a new program and have us evaluate it?

Thanks for the info., what was wrong with it? Just for my future reference. Everyone thinks I am overtraining but I like to have more details so I don’t repeat that problem. I am actually going to try the workout by Chad Waterbury “Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program” Next week. Just changing will take me some teeth grinding. I really appreciate the truth.

FYI, I am 6ft 233lbs (can lose 10 from unneeded weight). Looking for mass and strength. Like I have mentioned, my time is limited plus I lift at home (I have a good setup).