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I seem to have hit the wall with training as of late. I am always tired and i can never sleep enough. My calorie intake is through the roof let my energy sags. Does anybody have any suggestions for breaking through this wall?

If you are overtraining, train less. Don’t go to failure, take a week off, use Surge for post-workout, etc, etc. Adopt a Chad Waterbury program. Lots of options.

Take about 3-5 days off. Maybe even a week.

Try some of that Mike Metzner Heavy Duty Training. After a period of overtraining, that method may actually stimulate growth since your body can recover from the low volume.

Plus, since the workouts are so short, you have less time between meals and you can get to bed earlier.

I agree with Paul about backing off. But I also wonder if you are dealing with depression. The reason I bring it up is that I think you are also saying you eating is out of control and you want to sleep all the time. Usually overtraining makes one lose one’s appetite and interferes with one’s ability to sleep.

Has anything happened in your life lately that could be bringing you down?

Either way, I wish you the best.

No nothing bad at all. Actually everything to date has been going great including the workouts. The intensity and the strength were present until up to about 5 days ago.

Then it probably is just overtraining. Some people say they actually feel stronger after laying off for a week or so. I know I have had to lay off for a week or so before and it didn’t affect my strength. What little I have.