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I’ve put together a couple things over the last four weeks. I’ve been sick off and on and i think its related to me overtraining because the last 2 times i’ve started to train i took a week off cause i got sick and when i started training again the next week i had plenty of energy and a big appetite. But before the week was over i had lost my appetite had no energy and started to get sick. I have figured out most of it is because i have poor work capacity as compared to my past. I played basketball and baseball in high school and basketball for my first semester in college. I got hurt and decided it wasn’t worth it so i’m not playing anymore and had probably a solid 3 months off from hitting the weights. Since i’ve started back i haven’t been able to get a single week in without getting totally drained and sick. So i think i might be over training due to my poor work capacity considering this is the most inactive i’ve been since i was in 7th grade. I was working out with weights 4 days a week and playing basketball once a week, when i could train. I think i should might start back after a week off with a very low volume program and including GPP 2 days a week in improve my work capacity and then increase volume and capcity work from there. Does this sound right or does anybody else have an idea cause i’m just really stumped this time.

Sounds about right Bindford… try a 3x a week full body w/ compound movemets reps 10… Don’t know if you were overtraining or if it was due to the sickness. Can’t really tell form here. But you should get it back in no time.