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I have been training hardcore for over 2 years since i finished college. I weightrain on a day on day off schedule with added days of rest in between when needed. I get sore after everyworkout. Does this constitute overtraining? I’ve read in a lot of the t-mag articles that people should not overtrain. I eat as is recommended according to the t-man diets so i know my diet is good. Does the fact that i get sore after every workout mean that i am overtraining to some degree? I never workout a body part if it is still sore from last weeks workout. just need a scientific answer to the question of what constitutes overtraining. thank you, PK

There are many tell-tale signs besides soreness you will notice if you are legitimately overtrained. Elevated pulse in the am, fatigue, constantly catching colds/flu, lack of interest in going to the gym, etc. The most important question to ask is are you continually making progress?Personally I almost never get sore except the first time I do a particular workout. I can do a leg workout on German Volume training (the original program) and yeah I’ll be sore the first time, but the next time around I won’t feel a thing the next day. Don’t sweat the small stuff-if you’re progressing in your gains/lifts, you’re probably not overtraining. Nonetheless take a week off every so often. Try extra glutamine and Vit. C, stretching and relatively cold showers after training-these should help dramatically reduce sorenessI know, not exactly the scientific answer you were looking for but I think you get the point.