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Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you have such dedication to the working out and want to extend that dedication to nutrition and supplements, then take another leap in that direction and get yourself some more sleep. Just go to bed earlier instead of watching TV. Saying you don’t have the time to sleep is like saying you don’t have time to train. I only recently learned my lesson on this. If, however, you can’t GET to sleep even though you are trying and are actually in bed, then Tampa Terry gave you some real solid advice. He tends to do that a lot here.

Amen brother! I’m the only college student I know who goes to bed at 10:00. :0

Just a note, Tampa-Terry is a woman.

Proper sleep is critical to recovery and cannot be overestimated in importance. Anyone who thinks they can train without adequate sleep and still make good progress is suffering from one of the side effects of too little sleep- stupidity.

I guess in a realated issue, do any of you older lifters have trouble sleeping like you did when you were younger? I used to have it down to an art, could sleep 12 to 14 hours easy, now that I am near 40 I find it hard to sleep longer that 6 hours. If I force myself to stay in bed and get an extra two or 4 hours I get very sore and stiff.


to Phatman:

Studies have showen the old you get the less sleep you need. So as long as your function clearly on that 6 hours of sleep you should be fine.

I don’t know how this got on as a post… It was supposed to be a reply to another thread. Also, Sorry about that Tampa Terry, didn’t realize it 'till it was already out there, then I had troubles posting for some reason.

Fitone- I’d be wary of those studies…maybe the fact that most people have a decline in physical activity per day as they age had something to do with that. If someone is still active, he still needs his sleep.

Phatman, i am 41 and have been taking 2 benedryl every night for the past year. really helps get a full eight hours.

i consulted my physician and he said fire away, no side effects.

You take Benadryl to get to sleep? That stuff’s like Nyquil, right? You could take something like Unisom, which has more of the sleep-aid and none of the cold remedy…

Also, this stuff may not have any side effects, but won’t you eventually build up a tolerance, and maybe not be able to get to sleep without it?

Holy crap, guys, please look into what sleep aids do to your sleep cycles before using them. These changes include which sleep stages you actually pass through and how long you stay in each and since each individual stage is crtitical for various physiological processes, you don’t do yourself any favors using these products. Using them now and again may be ok, but long term use isn’t good.

This is not a joke. When your doc says they have no side effects, he means that they won’t cause disease, cardiovascular problems etc, but ask him about what they do to your sleep itself. You’ll be surprised.

I hear you Pork Chop but for the last two weeks or so I been waking every two hours or so. Nothing has changed as far as my supps but I did just change my work out from a 8-12 rep scheme to a 5x5 routine. I’m hoping I’m just adjusting to that.

But even when I was sleeping thru the night, bout 6 hours is all I’m good for.