I have a question about overtraining. I lift four days with a routine that has me working chest/back on Tuesday and bi’s/tri’s on Friday. However I do one exercise for chest and one for back on Friday as well (i do this at the beginning of my exercises). My situation is such that I have seen constant gains on my chest and back lift on Friday, but for the past couple weeks I have not seen gains on my “major” chest lift on Tuesday(also done first in the routine). If it helps, the lift that I am particularly concerned with on Tuesdays is Incline Dumbbell Bench; on Friday it is Decline Bench. I’m not necessarily confused as to why one particular lift my improve more than another. But am wondering if by not seeing improvement over the past few weeks in my Incline Dumbbell Bench exercise I am overtraining as a whole. Any thoughts? Does the problem lie somewhere in the shoulders? Thanks!