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On an Upper/Lower split, in which upper days are monday and thursday, lower are tuesday and friday. I love the fat-burning aspects of circuit training, but I also don't like ending workouts without a sufficient pump. An upper workout would be as follows:

3 sets: - Military press, Pull-ups, Incline Bench, Tricep push up
3 sets: - Flat Bench, chin-ups, tricep pushdowns, front plate raises
3 sets: - BB curl, Barbell rows, Shrugs, Skullcrushers
2 sets: - cable fly's, Concentration curls
2 sets: - side shoulder raises, jump push-ups

  • takes about an hour, circuit training format, 30-45 second rest between sets

  • is this too much? I haven't had any pains or recovery problems, I just don't want to be putting myself at risk

  • thanks to anyone who responds, appreciate it




and if it helps, I'm 6'2, 219 pounds. 2 years training experience


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I would go as far as to say that the average gym goer will NEVER reach overtraining.


x2 it takes a SHITLOAD of work and intensity to overtrain. I've been trying so hard but I just keep getting bigger and stronger instead. FML


the streaks don't lie


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If anything you would rather overtrain than under train. Do that for a couple of weeks and take a 5 day rest. Your muscles will blow up.

Poliquin has wrote about purposly over training.

Edit: I only take like 2 maybe 3 off days a month on a body part split. (Different than upper/lower like yours) I'm not even close to overtraining......

You will build up a tolerance.


Over training is different for everyone obviously, for me I start to "feel" it when I feel like shit and my sleep has gotten worse for at least two weeks. Then I usually take a couple of days off and I'm as good as new. However this isn't full blown over training probably just accumulated fatigue.

The only time I've truly over trained was when I was playing football. Two a days in 90 degree humid ass heat and then lifting in poorly ventilated area then swimming after. My strength started to decline very quickly once I was "over training".

OP you should be fine, don't be scared and not push yourself :slight_smile:


I'm Canadian and I approve.

We can't overtrain here; it will interfere with our beer drinking.


Considering those are circuits as well, overtraining shouldn't be an issue.

The only time I get burnt out is when I am constantly hitting reps below 3 and 95% or more of my 1 RM for weeks on end, hence why I now cycle my rep ranges. I do more voulme than this with the exact same upper lower split and seem to be growing like a weed on all ends of the spectrum (strength/size).


I do the same as austin cycle rep ranges


Forget overtaining. That exercise selection is a bit wack. Don't see the rhyme or the reason.


What most people see as over training is called over reaching. Over reaching is doing more work then you can recover from which believe it or not is more common then people tend to realize. When authors say over training is common blah blah they are talking about over reaching not over training, this can happen a lot easier then some may think.

Over training is a totally different story, more common in people that train 20+ hours a week and even then it is rare. Its alsoa condition that takes a long time to go away and sometimes it doesnt completely for a long time. So you will NOT over train but over reaching is a possibility but even then it takes a lot of work. If your using a split like that I doubt you are moving enough weight to over reach but this is all speculation.

People who use a lot of weight for the most part with the exception being olympic lifters, usually take the appropriate time to recover from big workouts. The way some people go on about how impossible to over train (they mean over reach) you would think you could train a muscle all out everyday




I was actually pushing it this summer with trying to reach a point where I'd call myself overtrained. 7 days per week, multiple sessions each day. There was when I literally trained TBT 5-6 times per week, and yet: no sign of overtraining.

I sometimes feel shit (like an hour ago) but that's more due to the heat what we have right now. When indoors, everything ok, only in the 35+celsius heat in a concrete yard without shade. Well, that's another thingy.

As long as nutrition and rest is adequate, your body is capable of more than you could imagine.

Take Synergy or Paragon for example. They use awesome amount of volume-intensity, and even frequency. They have lot of responsibilities outside the gym, a stressful life. Yet, they maintain what they're doing, and they all have strategies to ease off the pressure a bit when they feel a bit over the edge.

Through their example one can easily see that it's all about mindset.

PS: Synergy and Paragon: sorry for mentioning your names, but whenever it comes to "overtraining", I always get you two in mind in the first place. Again, sorry.