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I seem to be losing size due to my workouts. Wondering if I am overtraining. Here is my routine:

Monday Back:
8 Machines 4 Sets each 12,10,8,8

Wednesday Chest/Shoulders
10 Machines 4 Sets each Machine 12,10,8,8

Thursday Biceps/Triceps
8 Machnes 4 Sets each Machine 12,10,8,8

Saturday All body parts
Light weight high sets

Think I am being counter productive?


Dude I’m guessing the training is fine. you probably aren’t eating enough! Hows the diet? Proteins, Carbs, Fats (lots of em?!)-JW

Well, I don’t see much in the way of recovery time. And I see ALOT of sets. However, it would also be helpful in knowing what your current diet is like. And did you measure your BF% before you began your routine?

dont use machines. That should fix your problems.
good lifting

I am amazed that you are still around with a routine like. Where is your leg training and core training? That is 40 sets per day and 380 reps. That is way too much unless you swim in juice like a fish in water. I suggest that you read many of the wonderful articles on training and diet on this website. Also use some free weights for christ’s sake.

EDog, I’m actually going to assume this is a joke. Goals? Diet? 32-40 sets? No leg work? No core work?

We need more information. A LOT more information. And unless you have goals that I can’t even imagine, you need to do a LOT more reading. Please don’t take this post harshly, but something is missing. Good day!

Might want to give HST a try…

I would say you need to take about 6 months off just so your nervous sistem starts working again…

Seriously, step nunber one-STOP READING FLEX!!

Eat well (and enough), cut the sets/workout in half, and add some leg and core training like the others said


I try and get in about 150 - 200 grams of protein a day. I am in sales, so many times I have to eat out. I get plenty of rest. I work legs out on other days and do usually 30 to 50 minutes of cardio 4 days a week. I have pretty bad genetics, but I am on a lot of supplements. Legs I do on off days. My Bodyfat has always been high (bad genes I suppose) over 20%. I’ll take some advise and slow down the training.


I didnt know there were 8 unique machines just dedicated to training the back. Or 10 MACHINES just for chest and shoulders. Most people use only 1 or 2 machines for chest and shoulders and the rest free weights. 4 separate machines just for biceps? Your gym doesnt have any leg MACHINES? it must really suck

EDog- you need to educate yourself and have made the right choice seeking info at testosterone. you need to take two weeks off training and dedicate those two weeks in searching the archives and basically educating yourself. You say “you have bad genes.” I say you have bad training habits. You say “i’m always had high bodyfat.” I say you need to laern about nutrition. But i know, you take alot of supplements. There not a supplement or drug avialable that will prevail over training and nutriton ignorance. Stop shopping at GNC buying creatine serum and save your money, educat yourself, and use that money you saved. Until this happens, you will be stuck at 20% bodyfat and using machines to increase your physique.

Good points. I mispoke. When I say machines, I mean a combination of free weights and machines, although mostly machines though. As for nutrition, I understand quite well what I am supposed to do. The overtraining piece is what I am interested in. I have fast absorbing protein in the morning and slow release before bed. I watch the carbs and keep bad fats to a minimum. I also eat a lot of flax in my carb free shakes to get the EFA’s.

Genetics play a huge role in our body fat and development. I know that quite well. I do almost no snaking and eat quite properly, but I only get so far. It’s just my genetics. I know that sounds like a cop out, but after 10 years off lifting (understanding that I didn’t always train well, but I trained), I know my body unfortunately. I have noticed that even though I am training hard, my size seems to be decreasing slightly. So I will heed your advise and back off the training.


If you have been training 10 years than it doesn’t show. I consider myself to have okay genetics and I am still able to get lean. I lost 87 pounds 2 years ago, most of it fat. I barely use machines, mostly free weights. Have you tried sprinting. Helped me lean out pretty quick. If I don’t write down everything I eat, I tend to overeat and get fat. I tried bulking and gained mostly fat. It isn’t easy but can be done.Just some thoughts.

You mentioned that you used sprinting as tool to reduce your bodyfat. Could you please give me an example of how this would fit into your program. How many minutes do you sprint for? How many days per week? Do you use this as your cardio or do you sprint on top of the cardio that you do?


What I did for sprinting was something I made up. I would workout during the day and then sprint at night for cardio. I would jog for 50 yards then sprint all out for 100 yards then walk for about 2-3 minutes. I started out with 3-4 sets of this and then gradually added another set every week or two till I got up to 8 sets. There might be better ways but it worked for me. I think T-mag has a 50-yard sprint workout but I never tried it. Sprinting is hard work. Hope that helps.

Monday, back, 8 machines times 4 sets each equals 32 total sets. Did I do the math right? Way too much work for each body part, regardless of diet, sleep or supplementation. You could get away with doing less than half your current workout.

Also, you don’t specifically name the exact exercises you’re doing for each body part, except that they’re done on machines. Make sure you’re squatting, deadlifting (at least some variation of it), dipping, military and bench pressing, and chin-upping (is that a word?).

Best of luck to you in your new, shortened, modified workout.