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If I posted my work out routine and diet would someone here be able to tell me if I am over training?

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Whether or not you’re overtraining cannot just be determined by looking at a training and diet plan. Everybody is different and can tolerate different volumes of work, and this is determined by many individual factors (sleep patterns, age, level of GPP, stress, etc, etc). Go look up the Ian King cheat sheets; they include what phsyical and mental signals can indicate overtraining. If you do feel overtrained, learn from the experience and adjust your plan accordingly.

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I agree with John S. Overtraining is a highly individualized thing and depends on at least 50 different factors. As mentioned before, check out the Ian King cheat sheets and search through some of the articles over at Charles Staley’s site myodynamics.com. Charles tends to focus a fair amount on fatigue management.

The spacings I use between workouts (in 24-hr. rest periods) are as follows. Of course, as stated by others, every bod differs. Chest and back (5-6 days), arms/shoulders (3-4 days),legs (4-6 days), abs (at most every other day). This spacing would vary, depending on the other workouts. Putting this on a calendar grid helps me out alot. After all, I don’t want arms/shoulders to be the day before chest/back, for example. Just be “in tune” to the muscles–best to you.