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Overtraining? What Overtraining?


I see a lot of people encouraging newbs to not overtrain. Lift weights only 3 times a week and so on.

I was reading about the biggest loser successes. These people train for 6 hours a day every day. What say ye about that?


They are training for fat loss, they could give a damn about muscle.

They use weights for fat loss, not for muscle gain.

If your trying to grow your body needs time to grow.

Plus those fatties are lifting like 95 pounds, getting perfect sleep and great nutrition.

They dont have as much to worry about as the teenager who gets 6 hours of sleep and eats in the school cafeteria.


Yes but my goal is fatloss. Obviously this is a muscle building site no doubt. However I'm wondering why people give fatties the advice not to over train. It seems like the more work you can handle, the more you should do.


Most people who are fat didnt get there by being committed and motivated.

If a fatty burns himself out in a week, or overdoes it, injures himself and then uses that as an excuse to skip a bunch of workouts, its not doing him much good.

Overtraining can lead to central nervous system exhaustion, injuries, joint problems, etc.

Why would you INTENTIONALLY damage your body ?

Its not more "beneficial" to burn a few more calories by absolutely decimating your body.

Losing fat and building muscle are the same goal.

More muscle = more calories burned per hour even if you just sleeping.

You can lift however you like, your the one who has to live with it, its your body.


Marauder Meat, one of the strongest guys on this forum, trains 3 days a week. That's what I say.


when I was dropped from 230 to 155 I carried that mentality, more because I wasn't aware of such a thing. I gained some strength and a whole lot of cardiovascular endurance, but read some strength as going from pressing 40's to bench pressing 50's lol. I was basically a cardio nut that worked my chest and back but didn't work legs because I was running so much and thought that was enough haha. Works great if you want to lose bodyweight and don't really care about anything else.


Biggest Loser is a entertainment money maker. They need to get maximum FATLOSS results in the shortest time frame possible. They don't care about muscle and muscle is what has a greater control of your metabolism.
I recently lost 40 lb of fat and gained muscle (over 12 weeks) I didn't follow somebody's bullshit diet. I simply ate only "whole foods" while limiting my carbs and excercised daily.
Make a commitment to yourself that you eat a strict diet and exercise EVERYDAY whether you want to or not.This totally eliminates your bullshit excuses and in no time you'll be seeing huge result and feeling awsome!


I think my avatar might have overtrained lol


How many Brickie's labourers do you know that bust their ass everyday on a shovel but are skinny as f@ck. That's a classic case of overtraining.


over training or under eating?


When I was first starting out many years ago, I asked my training partner at the time (quite advanced in his own training), "Hey, what's the deal with overtraining? Should I worry about it?"

His response was simply, "No...just fucking eat and train."

So that was that...I never even considered it. In fact, it became a joke between him and I at the end of some our sessions. We'd try to think of some more shit to do, and then one of us would say to the other, "Yeah...but you don't want to overtrain."

And we'd both fuckin laugh and crank out some more work.



Exactly, don't worry about it. Unless you're trying to train with the same schedule as an Olympic athlete or something, it's probably not a problem.


So are you saying that someone who busts his ass on a shovel all day everyday and eats like a bbuilder he would get huge arms and abs? If thats's the only training he got then his physique would be out of proportion and look completely f@cked up. He'd have one arm bigger than the other and abs on only one side of his body.

I'm not doubting your knowlendge as I am only a begginer. But hat is what I have been lead to believe and I only advised the OP on this thread because he's goal was purely fatloss. I certainly have experience in that department.


As a newbie, your work capacity is damn near zero. You're not used to training. Your recovery capacity is also very low.

I started with a full-body workout three days a week. After I got used to that (about two months) I switched to a four day push-pull. Then I did a couple of programs I had no business doing, but that's another story. I started seeing results again when I started a four day split, then five days. Now I get in ten workouts a week (AM and PM, five days on, two off)

Gradually increase your work capacity. Too many people burn out within a month because they try to do too much too fast. that's over training.


I did "overtrain" in the last few weeks. I had gotten to the point where I feel physically ill all day. On the verge of vomiting, constant soreness, lack of appetite, poor digestion of food etc. Still do feel this way today...

it is real, you just have to have your diet nailed down to perfection before you start doing it. So I'm slowing down a bit this week


So all you are worried about is big arms and abbs well as you are a aussie this current season of the biggest loser had two brothers andrew and nathan look at the arms on him.


Everyone has great points here and there isn't a best answer. I'm not looking for advice however, i have seen some advice given to beginners saying they should only train 3-4 days a week.

Me myself, I've been working out for two weeks every day except sunday and I feel fine. I think what the advice should be is to limit the weights you lift. After I got over the embarrasment of squatting just the bar I was comfortable staying there.

I guess my point is, beginners should be told to limit their weights not necessarily time spent in the gym.

Love you guys


I not worried at all about abs and arms... Simply using it as an example :slight_smile:


Yea each to their own really, you just have to see what works for you as we are all different.

This is a pick of Nathan and Andrew (Andrew is in the black) i think they both lost about 45kgs each over the time frame of the show


Understandably, a beginner may not realize what is 'enough'...? Should they train so hard that they must sacrifice other areas of their life because they are too tired/sore? Should they walk out of the gym feeling fine? These are silly questions to anyone who has trained seriously for any appreciable length of time, but for a newbie these are legitimate questions.

What I always say is to challenge yourself. For someone just starting out, it won't take much to challenge them and that should be their work capacity at that point. But as the body adapts, it takes more and more to achieve progress. Any newbie who gets in the gym 3-6 times per week and challenges him/herself while keeping their nutrition sensible will see significant results. That is damn near a fact.