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Overtraining Theory


Hey, this is my theory on overtraining.

On this forum, one can submit his program, and every member on here submits saying that he is overtraining, who are they to say that? a wannabe know it all, thats who they are.

You have bodybuilders who thrive off "low reps, low sets and low volume" fuck 'em, however, many use high volume, their blessed with amazing genetics and most of all, steroids, oh, the beloved juice of the gods. People ever noticed why naturals aint as big as the pro's? Because they aint juiced up to their eyes. They work intense, high volume, the way it should be, hard work. The bodybuilders of old who didnt have as much shit in 'em done far more work than the ones now, their lives were in the gym, people in the pen, marines, all train constantly at an incredibely high intensity and volume, look at them, would you call them overtrained?

I personally wouldn't, because they have more guts than all of you and all the bodybuilders around, and oh yeh, they worked for their physique, strength and fitness. So you people on low volume workouts, if its working for you, go for it bretheren. But, dont come here telling people who work hard that their overtraining, because if you havent felt the symptoms, and your growing, and your lifts are increasing, you're not overtraining.


Doesn't "lintmeister" kinda rhyme with "Lightpower?"


You sound aweful irritable. No doubt due to the incredibly high levels of cortisol pumping through your veins from all your overtraining! My advice, back-off on the volume, eat, quit submitting utterly pointless threads, go home...and grow :slightly_smiling:


Yea who shat in your bed this morning? I imagine this rant is comming from the other post you have had asking people to critique your program. You asked for advise and they seemed geninly interested in helping you so I am not sure why you are comming off so harsh. Hit the weights however you would like but dont ask for advise if it going to upset you so.


OOOHHhhh, so that's why there are so many marines competing in the Olympia.


I can't comment on the US Marines, but I did my time with the British Parachute regiment. Famous for their 'easy' training.
I did actually feel damned worn out lots of time on training and exercise and I bet plenty of other soldiers did too. Overtrained, hell yeah.


So, what is high volume/high intensity?
95-100% 1 rep max for 12 reps?
If so, I would love to spot you.

It would go like this-
"Hey, there he is! Check him out he's turning purple!".
"Get that bar out of your chest- You have 9 more reps left.".

A couple episodes like that and you will fully understand the relationship between volume and intensity.


Train like a marine if you want to be a solid 180.

Most of us on here are sufficiently well motivated that our greatest difficulty is in forcing ourselves to train less than we would like rather than the opposite. It's through experience that we come to learn the value of recovery and moderation in volume and intensity. You may be one of those exceptions with incredible recovery abilities who thrive under the most grueling regimes. Most likely you aren't though. I doubt anyone here will convince you of the folly of your ways and as a result, you, like me before, will have to learn the value of moderation the hard way. When you're sick of stagnating and constantly feeling stale, let us know and we can help you out.


By the way, do you think your highschool is harder than a full time job?

This thread reminds me of the teenager one.


Eye-opening, rich and compelling! Thank you for your report. I am honored to be enlightened by you! You should become a strength coach and revolutionize strength training with your high volume high intensity approach!


Yeah lets train 6 days a week 6 hours at a time.OH FUCK i forgot something,i have a LIFE.
Listen buddy,i take it u must be very young and have no kids-job-life of your own.

I spend 250 + days on the road with my job and i have other comitments,i manage JUST to get 1 hour tops for a quick workout.Would i like to train more ? Fuck yeah i would but for some people or let me say the majority of people simply dont have time to train like your hero's from the "golden era" of bodybuilding.

Rant over




Puts his massive workout on...Then whines when people think its too much...

Wait for it..

Here it comes.....

Almost here.....

T motherfuckin S B


Quote of the motherfuckin day.


I agree with the guy, pro athletes train all the time and its not considered over training. So if your a normal person just working out after work, there is no way your over training.


So why don't you enlighten us on a typical day for a pro athlete in say...football for instance..since you seem to know so much about the training regimen of pro athletes. Are you saying it's impossible to overtrain by working out for 3 hours every day after work? BTW...normal people do not equal professional athletes. TSB.




Careful guys... you're not dealing with regular ol' garden variety lint... but the MEISTER of lint. Play with the bull, get the horns... or in this case, I guess its play with the lint, get the dust bunny.


Speaking of shitting, I can think of something more fun than reading this douche's post.


You're right, it's probably not usually overtraining.

It's usually overreaching.



Why don't you go pick up an SI or ESPN the Magazine or Sporting News. They have what football players do in the off season in there all the time. Such as they had a huge issue on TO and how hard he works out.
I do think a person can over train, depending on how old they are and such. But I don't think that a person working out for an hour or two after work is going to over train.
The point I was making is that the guy is right in the fact that every time someone puts up a workout on this site, someone always says "your over training."