Overtraining syndrome

Hey Everybody - I have a couple of questions I am hoping that some of you can help with OR have had some experience with. I have been utilising the training and eating protocols found in T-Mag with great success for the past year. It has helped me greatly in my sport of Dragonboating. I recently embarked on Meltdown Training – the firts week went well althoughvery tough I managed throught it. The second week was awful! At the end of my Day 1 workout I had a full-blown panic/anxiety attack – racing heart rate – feeling like I was gonna die – overall very very scary! Anyway ever since then I have not been able to get even 1 set of Meltdown without feeling very dizzy, light headed, and panicky. Now even during the day I am feeling anxious and dizzy – Do I have overtraining syndrome? I just can’t train anymore – ? what can I do??