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Overtraining Symptoms?

Hey, I am doing a pretty high volume routine based off of GVT. I am on week 7 currently. I was doing squats three days ago and I hit pr in terms of making my 10x6, until I hit set 9. For some reason as soon as the weight went down and I landed on the box (I used a low box to help me with my form), I just couldn’t get the weight up. I had to rest it on the safety bars and take double my rest time (3min instead of 1:30) to do my 10th set, where I only got 1 rep. My workout looked something like this:

75%1RM @ 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 3 0 1
last week was something like (left my notebook in the car and it is raining out so I am not going to go get it):
75%1RM @ 6 6 6 6 6 5 4 3 4 4

So I hit a PR in terms of maintaining my sets of 6, but I actually lost a little bit of total volume this week.

The rest of the day and the following day I was extremely tired, sore and thirsty. I am not under eating at all, probably taking in between 3000-4000kcal. I was supposed to do bench press and row yesterday, but I skipped because I still felt exhausted, thirsty and was still somehow very sore. I did my bench and row routine today and hit PRs on both lifts, surprisingly.

I train about 3x a week and eat a fuck ton, so I am not sure if this is really overtraining or an issue with nutrition. Any ideas? Maybe it was just a bad day. I didn’t eat or drink anything before my squat workout but I would be very surprised if the effects would be so adverse/last more than one day.

Your probably not overtraining, but if your having trouble recovering between workouts tried adding a couple of workouts a week focusing on gpp. I know its sounds counter intuitive to add workouts to recover faster, but after a couple of weeks you’ll notice a huge difference.

Also not eating before your workout could have made a huge difference in recovery and how you felt during the workout.

Given that I am doing high volume training what kind of GPP do you recommend?

If you still felt thirsty the day after, then you didn’t rehydrate enough. I know it sounds too obvious but it can make a difference

Most people use prowler training. I dont have access to one so I usually use conditioning stations and intervals on a stationary bike.

Here are some links if you need more info

Jordan had off days.

People are not Nissan Skyline’s that give predictable outcomes day in and day out on the track.

You had an off day. Maybe your body just wants you to tone it down for a bit.

I have a sled! But its still too cold to use it :(. Should I do these on my off days? I’ll be honest after my routine I’m too beat to do anything very demanding