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Overtraining/Sleep/Stress Issues

Hello. I have a problem where doctor’s can’t help and ofcourse they are telling me that it’s all about physiology ( yes that’s easiest way to say). I really don’t feel like that. Like 5 years ago i was working night shifts( 6 per month) drinking coffee, working for extra money as taxi driver (driving was also stress), weightlifting 4x per week and paying no attention to having fun / rest. So in that way i stressed out that i normally was breathing like a stressed person (often non usual short breaths) and cannot fall asleep at all like 2 days per week other days it took me fall asleep 1-2hours. So doctor’s did many test’s and nothing found they told me that i am healthy. Okay i didin’t listen to them and later i found that keto diet iis anti stress diet in one podcast which i listen. So i jumped to keto diet and it was perfect for me. My stress levels go down a lot and i was falling asleep in like 20minutes every night, but sleep quality was like shit. So after that i found endobiogenetics which look’s at hormonal balance how they react with each other. They told me that i have weak cortisol, adrenaline, a big magnesium defiency, a lot of histamine (they told me overthinking to be perfect in every situation), adrenal fatigue and insulin resistence. So okay i took magnesium large doses (800mg) and they gave me natural supplements which i helped and i felt after 5 months ( was training hard in the morning on keto) that my cortisol is highest in the morning (i had most of my energy in the morning not in the afternoon) but i still had issues wiith sleep quality. My libido, sex drive was like a kids in those years really very bad i had trouble with recovery. So okay right now i feel not stressed at all physiology, but i cannot train and still not sleeping because if i do later on i am so stressed out and i do like only 5 set’s moderate intensity in the gym and that’s enough to be stressed out later. Last 2 days i took easy cardio for 40 min in fresh air and i felt diziness in the evening So i don’t know what to do. Now i am trying Test Restore Revange to see if it’s testerone thing. I tryed to rest from gym very long it was not helpful and actually worse on overall how i feel. I feel that my libido, sex drive is much greater and will try to don’t do any physical activities right now (just a little walk if i feeel good). My testerone was tested like 3 times and it was normal. Prolactin, estradiolis, LH also was in good range. Cortisol (like 4 times was in near the end of normal range). I tryed many things GABA, Melatonin, Phenibut, CBD oil, strong multivitamins, ZMA and etc. Nothing really helped only CBD oil first weeks i felt much more stronger and calmer and after 2 weeks no effect at all (tolerance or smth…). So my guess why i am not sleeping is due to low testesterone, high cortisol, overtraining or low dopamine levels. My sleep quality is really bad i am going to bed every night 22.45pm and sleep for 8-9hours and feel like crap everymorning. Any thoughts guys? really need help.

How old are you?
How much do you weigh?
What do you do in the gym?
How much cardio are you doing?
How many days a week do you work? For how many hours? When?
How stressful is your life overall?
Are you gaining or losing weight?
What do you eat?
How much coffee do you drink? How much caffeine do you consume?
What supplements are you on currently?
Any medications?

Do you sleep in a dark room?
What temperature?
What’s your routine before bed? Screen-time?

sleep apnea ?

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EXACTLY what I was thinking, haha. 8-9 hours of sleep and waking up feeling like crap.

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