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Overtraining Recovery


I know this has been talked about before, but I've been searching and can't seem to find it. What is the best way to recover from overtraining? I know rest and good nutrition, but what else could help speed it along? Would neural charge workouts help? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Why do you even think your over trained? Its pretty hard to do in my experience; you have to train a heck of a lot and have tons of stress - booze in my case.

I over trained 2x the last 8 mths and i train 4-6 hours a week and drink almost everyday, weighting 270-280lbs.


If you have overtrained, the best thing to do is rest a few days maybe walk if you really wanna get some type of workout in. When I overtrained, I took 3 days in a row off from training.


Citriline Malate is a great supplement to take to help with the recovery process along with circumin which can be found at most nutrition stores or health food store. I use these two with a lot of my clients who are new to training and may be extremely sore. MAG-10 is a great recovery supplement i use as well.


It takes weeks, if not months to overtrain. Just take acouple of days, eat lots of low fat foods, take a walk on the beach/park/etc, get a massage, have sex, meditate, go see a movie.....

Short word, active rest.