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Overtraining Pre Strongman Contest


I am a little less than four weeks shy of competing in my first Strongman contest. I really haven't had the proper time to train and plan a peak, as this whole thing just fell into my lap on short notice. I will be entering the novice catergory, so the weights used won't be extreme, and for the most part I will be able to handle them.

I am not as concerned about winning as much as I want to go out, do my best, finish all events and not get hurt. At the novice level, this is all about feeling out the sport anyway, getting my feet wet, so to speak.

The problem I am running into is overtraining. I have been pushing myself hard, and making progress I would have thought ubelievable a few months ago. About a week or two ago, the progress grinded to a halt, gains are not coming, and I feel like crap. I show the classic symptoms of overtraining.

My current training is gym work 3x weekly and events once a week. In the gym, I train 5-8 sets of 1-5 reps. Events, I just do, not a lot of organization, just hard work.

So what should my next step be? I am afraid of backing off and losing some strength. I am afraid of pushing harder and getting hurt. I have had a good routine, and I don't want to change it, but I feel something needs to change before something gives (my knees, back, shoulders).

For the guys (and gals) who have been there, how do you train 3-4 weeks pre contest?


Leading up to any contest, strongman included, I like to take the week prior as a week in which I do nothing except maybe some mobity work. If your overtraining already, I might do light work 2 weeks out.

You will not lose strength. Call it peaking, circa maximal, deloading, whatever. It is just allowing your body to recover to perform at its top.


I had a similiar situation and it happened because I was using too many heavy singles. Try not to go below triples, especially with deadlifts.


Take a low volume week, then you'll have two more normal training weeks before the contest.

I used to take the week before completely off, but now I'll do very light lifts up until Wednesday or so (or I'll feel really stiff that week). The last thing you want to do is go into a contest all beat up and trained into the ground.


Add more rest time, take at least 4-7 days off before the show. Usually I take off 5 with one speed day after my last event day. Good luck.


Me or him?


Personally this close to your show I'd say you'd do alot worse than good by keeping your weekly volome as is.I've been there in the past and just lighted the volume throughtout the week and hit it hard on the events.
IMO cut out a gym day in your week so you can have more rest.On the days you do train keep it light and simple.You ain't gonna get any stronger this close(or get weaker that shits in your head),so focus on the task at hand.
You still have plenty of time to correct this,so just be smart and safe.Hope this helps.